North Attleboro Park & Recreation Department
A strong and vibrant Park and Recreation Department is a key element in maintaining the values and traditions that are the essence of what we all love about the Town of North Attleboro. Our mission is to provide the townspeople of North Attleboro with Park facilities and Recreation programs that will enhance the quality of life in our community. Park and Recreation offer town residents personal, social, economic and environmental benefits. Accordingly, we strive to assure that Park and Recreation in North Attleboro contribute to a balanced and meaningful life. We provide leadership opportunities in our programs which benefits our strong community and the parks, open spaces and natural areas contribute to the environmental health of our town. Finally, our mission is to be a vehicle for the people while being committed to providing the opportunity for programming that promotes and preserves our cultural harmony.

Your feedback will help us provide the best programs we can for you and your family. We appreciate your feedback.
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In which of the following programs have you or members of your household participated in the last year?

From the list below, please choose the reason why you or members of your household have participated in our programs.

Please rate your satisfaction with the following aspects of the Park & Recreation programs

The program is what I expected.

The program was offered at a convenient time.

Staff members were friendly and easy to talk to.

The program was a positive experience.

The program is beneficial to the residents of North Attleboro.

How do you rate the overall experience of the program in which you or members your household participated?

How often do you or members of your household visit parks or use recreation facilities in North Attleboro during the year?

Which parks/ facilities do you use most often?

What is your overall satisfaction with the condition of the parks you visit?

What is the most effective way to inform you about Park and Recreation programs and news?

Thank you for participating in the North Attleboro Park & Recreation Survey.
Your feedback will help us provide better programs and facilities for you and your family.

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